Saturday, February 6, 2010

Book Review: The Wringer, by Esteban, 6th grade

The book I read, "The Wringer," by Jerry Spinelli, was awesome! This relates to me because the main character was in a struggle about being a wringer or not. I think he is confused, and I feel the same way. If I were him, I would choose not be a wringer because it would be bad to crack some pigeons skulls. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a choice, he has to go. The rule is when you turn ten, you have to be a wringer.

By Esteban

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  1. Esteban, I totally agree. I loved Wringer. I wonder what I would have done faced with a situation like this when I was ten. How can a kid stand up to adults and the rules that they feel are truly unjust? Would we all be that brave and that strong? Jerry Spinelli is so talented at writing books that truly make us question the values of humanity. I highly recommend any of his books.

    Great job!